Monday, April 1, 2013

Pencil Skirt- My first Pattern From Gertie's New Book!

I have been sewing up a storm lately.  Some misses, but even more hits!  The first super awesome hit I'd like to share is my first attempt at a pattern from Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing.  Introducing: the pencil skirt. I wore this for a birthday dinner with my folks and luckily remembered to take some photos after.

I'll do a full book review soon (it is a wonderful sewing/fashion book and deserves its own post), but the point I want to drive home today is: yeah, this skirt is awesome.  It was fairly easy to make and, although I did have to make a few adjustments, I was very pleased with the sizing.  A lot of patterns end up being way too big when you go with the measurements they suggest (vanity sizing exists when you make your own clothes too I guess), but I cut this skirt out according to the sizing in the book and it was really spot on.  Yay!
That is yet another reason why I love this book; the patterns were drafted under the assumption that your hips are quite a bit wider than your middle, which is just how I am built (there is a 12 inch difference between my waist and my hips/big 'ol butt)!  I might have to adjust a bit for the top of patterns(the patterns were made for B cup) but that is a lot easier than widening the hips (in my opinion). 
Top: The Loft.  Skirt: made by me!  Necklace, birthday present from my sis.  I was wearing the pin because it was my birthday.  Also, that pretty chair was a birthday present from my folks.  :)

Now you are saying to yourself, “Is that a Kegerator behind her?  If so, that is so awesome!  I thought Nicole was a huge nerd, but now I see that she has mad street cred.”
And to you I say, yes, I do have a Kegorator behind me...that belongs to my husband.  Although I would like to be thought of as cool by association please. 
And now, here is the skirt lining.  Nice, right?  I am getting used to underlining, which is a new skill that I learned from Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing, but I have already used it for other pieces to add body to the fabric.  Yay for adding to my learning library! 

Lastly, marvel at these shoes.  My bestie Rachel Browne sent them to me as a birthday present and they came just in time!  The heals are insane but they were surprisingly comfy and I love them.

So there you have it, a beautiful pencil skirt.  I can't wait to make more! 

Stay tuned this week to see what other goodies I have been working on.  I know, how can you possibly wait???? 

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