Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hot Pants-Quick Outfit Post

While I am still struggling with making pants (more ill fitting pairs have been made and discarded since the last time I blogged about it-maybe one good pair to be blogged soon!) I am still trying to figure out why I am bothering to keep trying in the first place.  I have a lot of cute pants already, and I can't imagine hand made pants ever being that great, unless you were just amazing at sewing.  Also, the material is expensive.  Also, I almost never wear pants.  Sigh.  Once I get one pair totally right, I am done.  Done I tell you!

In the mean time, I took this photo a few weeks back of these great hot pink Gap pants paired with this beautiful hand-me-down top from my bestie.  I got a ton of compliments that day!  I have had these pants for a long time, and worn them a lot, but for some reason, this was the day people finally noticed them.  It's not like they were hiding (they are hot pink for gosh sakes!) but never the less, I was happy to get the compliments.  Duh. 

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