Sunday, April 28, 2013

Elizalex #4- A day at the zoo!

We went to the zoo last weekend (there was a new baby rhino AND a one day old baby giraffe!) and I wore my newest Elizalex which I finished only the night before!  I really love this dress, especially because it is the only one that fits me perfectly in the chest.

Baby rhino and its mom.

Okay, so here is the lazy girls guide to a full bust adjustment:  If you are between sizes, start from the size larger bust measurements, add a bit more, and then size down at the waist.  Those are pretty useless directions I know, but that is what I finally did that worked for me.  I figured out what would work for this pattern so that my boobs wouldn't get squished at all.  A-mazing.  Hopefully this technique works on my next pattern because I am for sure going to try to make it work again. 

Anyways, here is my last (for a while) Elizalex, this time with a long skirt.  I also added some length at the the waist for a slightly different fit. 

Man oh man, this is my favorite Elizalex yet.  AND it has pockets!  Yay for me, I am so awesome I can hardly stand it. 

I got this fabric for my birthday form my friend Kimmi, and the wheels in my head immediately started turning towards a long Elizalex. I am so glad I went for it!

So there you have it- the Elizalex is a great, easily adaptable pattern, that I highly recommend.  I still want to make one with the skirt provided one of these days, but I have to get up the nerve to try that again. 

It might not be for a while though because I have several new patterns that I am just itching to try!  I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!  Ahhhh!!!!  I love sewing so so much!!!!!


  1. Looks great! The fabric is beautiful for summer.

  2. aww amazing photos :)
    I also sew sometimes but you are really talented!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Ill be sure to check out your blog this afternoon. :)