Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Outfit Post: Gold And Black Is Where Its At

Today I bring you an old fashioned outfit post featuring this cool gold and black top I just got from Modcloth.  My awesome cousins sent me a birthday gift card and this is the result!  I paired it with a soft blazer from Urban Outfitters and some black pants from GAP (I have had both for years).  As for shoes, I am wearing some thrifted red and black vintage kitten heals.  These photos are from yesterday before work.  Don't I look professional (and a bit sleepy)?       


And now I hear you saying, "Nicole, please feature more pictures of your hair, preferably taken by you , sitting in a car on the way to work."  Well, if you insist.  It's grown so much since November!  I can't wait until this time next year.  It is going to be crazy long by then!

So there you have it.  Thank you Kelsey and Carlyn for my great shirt (and part of my velvet bathing suit-a post for another day)!  You are awesome cousins.  :)

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