Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hair Inspiration

God, I HATE growing my hair out.  I am always so happy when it is long, but the process is so so so boring!  I mean, my gosh, I have been growing it out for almost half a year and it is still so short!  Luckily, I have gotten over the worst fazes (hopefully) and I have been able to stop trimming the back every month to avoid the dreaded mullet (it is ALMOST all one length!  YAY!), so from now on it should seem to be growing a bit faster, which is all good, but dang.  This is dreadful.

So, Since I am dedicated to actually growing it out long long long this time (shut up!  I will!), I have been in need of some serious hair inspiration.  Chopsticks, braids, ponytails, oh my!  Here is what is inspiring me to keep growing for it (pun!) right now:

About my hair length now...cute but still short!  Actually, I remember when I started this journey looking at this pic and wishing my hair was this long, so, you know, progress is happening. 
Maybe, my hair will be about here in June...

By Christmas? 

And then maybe...

And Finally...


 I keep dreaming my hair is really really long.  All I know is, I am determined.  Perhaps I ought to give my scissors to my hubby for safe keeping for the time being...Yes, I think that would be a good idea.  

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