Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Growing Out The Pixie: Month Number Five

I am getting more and more excited about growing my hair out.  I think it should be long enough to put in little pig tails by late summer!  When it is long enough for that, I will feel like I have really long hair!  Haha!  I am so ready for a change.  Here I am in 2011 with mini pigtails.  :)

So here is what it looks like now, month 5 of growing it out.  It is a pretty hit or miss length, and it is already a lot more work to make it look nice than my super short hair was.  But, it is past my jaw, which I see as the third stage of growing your hair out. 
The top photos are from march 29th, but that is basically April.  The bottom two are from April 1. 

Here are the stage milestones of growing out a pixie hair cut:
1)      Start growing it out-you may trim up the back as necessary to prevent a mullet (This was in November for me this time). 
2)       The front of your hair is past your earlobes (month 3-February).
3)      The front of your hair is to your jaw (month 5-April).
4)      The front of your hair is to your chin (month 7-June).
5)      Mini pigtails (month 9-August)
6)      Mini pony tail (month 11-October)
7)      Hair to shoulders (month 13-Dec)
8)      Hair past shoulders (month 15-Feb 2014)
9)      Long hair!  March 2014!
So there you have it!  My hair should be really long (for me) by this time next year.  Whoopee! 

As a side note, it is really hard to find long hair inspiration because models always look so mad and bored and I want to find happy ladies with long hair.  Not like this: 
Like this:   

Also, I like this.  I am going to pretend this girl is smiling.  She should be, her hair is so pretty!  :)

*PS- the above photo is sooo pretty, but doesn't it also look a bit like a dead body propped up in a chair?  Just me?  Okay fine. 


  1. Goodness I like your blog. No more bored models please. You are doing fab pixie growing - I'm probably going to embark on that in a few months :)

    1. Thanks Danielle! I like your blog too, and I'm going to start following it. Hopefully you will follow mine too. :)

      I relate to a lot of what you write. Chronic illness is so hard to explain to people who don't live with it. Keep your spirits up and look for the beauty in life wherever you can find it.

      Growing out a pixie takes sooooo long! But I am having fun thinking of all of the long hair styles I will be able to do again. I still miss my pixie cut some days though. So much easier!!!