Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Emily and Fin Beauty

Modcloth dress, Dillard’s shoes

I had my husband take these photos as we were running out the door this morning for work, so forgive me for once again having my photo taken for this blog with wet hair (as if anyone cares, I know). 
This dress is yet another Emily and Fin success from Modcloth.  I have 6 Emily and Fin dresses in my collection, but honestly I could never have too many.  They are by far my most expensive dresses that I own, including the ones that I got on sale (typically, I like to spend no more than $30 or 40 dollars on any one item of clothing and these can run anywhere between $60 and *gulp* $100 plus), but they are worth the price.  
Each Emily and Fin dress that I own is lined (the inside is as pretty as the outside), and made of beautiful luscious fabrics that come in the prettiest prints you could ever hope for. They also seem to all be made for my exact body type, with lots of room in the bust and hips, while being fitted in just the right spots without being too tight.  I consistently wear a medium in their dresses, although I did purchase one in a size large (the last one they had) and just put it in the dryer to shrink it (a risky move that paid off this time-but I don’t recommend trying it!).   
This dress is the exact same dress as one that my husband got me for my birthday, but with a very different pattern.  This one is covered in tiny flying birds.  The shape of the dress is my ideal dress shape because it is roomy through the bust and the hips with its most narrow spot hitting just at my ribs.  I have heard several friends complaining that this shape is a figure killer for them, so I don’t want to say that it would be universally flattering, but for anyone with my body shape it is a dream.  It is also very comfy, and not too short (yay!).  This dress is even more perfect because it is fitted enough that it won’t blow up during one of our signature windy NM Springs so I don’t have to wear shorts under it for once. 
The only down sides of this dress are that it is dry clean only and it requires a slip because it gapes a bit at the top (although it is nicely lined so even though it is white you can’t see through it in the sun).  Also, I never care about this very much, but I know it can be a deal breaker for many: The sleeve gapes so you can see the side of my slip (or you could see the side of my bra if I wasn’t wearing a slip).   

So, what would you consider your signature shape?  What brand makes your whole body happy when you wear it?    
***By the way, did you notice the bracelet I am wearing?
It is hard to imagine anything competing with the beauty of this dress, but this bracelet that my sister gave me for my birthday gave it a run for its money!  In fact, I have gotten more compliments today on the bracelet than the dress!  I completely adore this bracelet.  I have been trying not to wear it more than once a week so that it continues to stand out when I do, but it is so unique and beautiful, it is hard not to wear it every day!  So so special and pretty.  :)


  1. hey, never had an E¬F dress but would like to purchase one on the net. Can you tell me if the sizes are on the small side or not? thanks

    1. They run a bit large from my experience, but I like a little room. They tend to be roomy in the chest. Hope that helps!