Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dress is in the Details

Here is my second Peony dress.  I actually finished it last week, but didn't get around to taking proper photos until this morning.  For this dress, I used a kind of a stiff cotton, that was different to work with than the other fabrics I have chosen, and also drapes a bit differently than my other Peony because of it.  For this dress, I also used interfacing in the neck rather than make a lining because I was afraid that a lining would add too much bulk.  Interfacing is basically something that you iron onto the fabric to give it a bit more form and help it to keep its shape.  

As a result, the inside of this dress is the cleanest and nicest looking yet!  I also bought some pinking shears which are used on the seams to keep the dress from fraying on the inside and went back and used them on all of the dresses that I have made so far.  It greatly improved how the inside of each of my dresses look, and hopefully will help to protect them during washing.


The fabric is actually a bit darker than it looks in these photos.  

I am waiting on the new fabrics that I bought from Amazon to arrive, so I have been currently unable to sew something new, and I have been itching to get back at it!  Luckily, this gave me the perfect opportunity to take a second look at the first dress that I made and try to improve it.  Last night, I stayed up sewing some pretty little details onto the sleeves to give them a more tailored look, and also made a sash to emphasize my waist.  I  am hoping that this helps to give the dress the more fitted look that I was going for in the first place but failed at.  :P
The newly completed Pastille dress.

Pretty detail on the sleeve.




  1. I was just wondering if Peony is the brand of fabric...and if that's what Pastille is as well. I LOVE the detail on the sleeve. Are they considered cap sleeves? I'm seriously so jealous you can make such pretty dresses.

    1. Thanks for your comments BeautyGirl! The Peony and Pastille are the names of the patterns that I used. I got them here:

      And yes, those are cap sleeves. Cute right? I'm glad I went back and added the embellishment because the dress was pretty boring before I did. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm actually a bit surprised at just how well they are coming out. :)