Monday, April 23, 2012

How I wore it…

I wore one of the dresses I made out and about yesterday, and I was really pleased with the fit and the construction (for a beginner seamstress anyway). 
I paired the dress with my Dillard’s boots, an old GAP sweater, and a bright teal headband that I just got at Forever 21 for $1.50.  I think that the key to wearing handmade pieces out in the real world is to accessorize them with wardrobe staples so that they blend in rather than stand out as a home-made item. 

I also wanted to share the beginnings of my next project. Here it is all pinned together on my dress form.  I got this fabric on Amazon, and I am so so happy with it.  My sister said that the fabric gave the dress a 60’s or 70’s feel, which I like since I am very drawn to retro-inspired pieces.  It was described on-line as “Asian inspired” which I can also see.  It is cotton (just like all of the other material I have chosen to use) but it is a little softer than the other fabrics I have worked with so far.  I am trying to add a lining to the top, but it is giving me a bit of trouble.  Here’s hoping that this project doesn’t fall through, because I really want the fully completed dress that I see in my imagination to become a reality that lives in my closet! 

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