Thursday, December 6, 2012

Emily and Fin- The Extreme Makeover Edition!

I got this beautiful Emily And Fin (my favorite designer ever!) off the shoulder dress on sale from Modcloth some months ago for $35 (on sale from over $100!).  I love the color and the cute print, and like almost all Emily and Fin dresses, it has pockets! 

I was in love...then tragedy struck.  After only one wear, the off the shoulder sleeves ripped in not one, but two places! 
This rip could have been pretty easily repaired...

But this one was a lost cause.

Sooooo,  I used my seam ripper and carefully took off the ruffled sleeves (sad, but lets move past the pain), added some spaghetti straps made out of sewn together bias tape (I even ripped the seam so that the straps could be hidden inside the lining of the dress), and came up with this lovely little dress!  Please excuse the terrible photos- this was just an impromptu in-the-middle-of-projects sort of thing.  Someday I will get a real photo shoot done for this dress with my alterations! 

So there you go!  I actually like how it looks with my alterations even more than I liked it when I first got it!  Yay for happy accidents.  :)