Monday, December 3, 2012

December Sewing Madness

I am so in the mood to sew, but I am working on so many projects at once right now, and I have so many ideas in my head, that I don’t know where to start! 
I suppose I should start with this dress since I already have all of the pieces cut out. 
Isn’t this fabric cool?  It is a bit ruff, and when I first found it in my scrap pile from high school (someone must have given it to me at some point), I’ll admit that I didn’t immediately see its potential. 
But I kept looking and finally I saw it- what if I used this loud crazy fabric to make a delicate simple dress with long sleeves?  It felt unexpected and awesome to me, and judging by how the pieces look draped on the dress form, I think that I made the right choice. 
This dress is made up of the Truffle pattern top, Peony pattern sleeves (both from Collette Patterns), and it will have a short free flowing gathered skirt.  In my imagination, this dress will look really good with dark leggings, and be a great option for chilly weather. 
BUT I am also itching to use my three new intermediate Collette patterns, which I am excited to use but also a bit nervous about because they are going to take a bit more patience.  Which, as you might have guessed, I just wasn’t blessed with. 
The first is the Chantilly, which I have made only once here.  It is a great, not too difficult, pattern, but it takes so dang long to make, especially because it is fully lined.  Man, this one is rewarding but hard to get through.  I already have plans for a slight modification to the pattern and I also have the fabric ready.  I don’t really want to have to start this one, but I can’t wait until it is finished.  :P
The second and third new intermediate patterns are yet to be attempted.  They are the Parfait and the Lily.  I have fabric ready for both, but I think that I am a bit less afraid of the Parfait, so I will start there.  Yay for me going beyond the beginner patterns! 
Lastly (as far as personal sewing is concerned), I still need to get back to my attempts at making pants.  So far, I have been quite unsuccessful, despite the fact that both the Clover and the Juniper are marked as beginner patterns.  To be fair, I haven’t tried theJuniper yet, which I expect to be a bit easier.  We shall see if I am ever able to get through them, but when I do, I shall then crown myself a true sewing master. 
I still have a few Christmas present projects that I am excited about too, but sewing for others is always a bit nerve racking, and so I am putting it off. 
So, it goes like this: I am so anxious to get started on each project on my to-sew list that I am not starting any!  Hopefully I can at least get one of the new patterns cut out tonight and that will give me the confidence to keep going. 
Welcome to December everybody!


  1. Kimmi, I so thought of you when I cut this out! We will have to look for something similar for your dress. :)