Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sewing From Scraps!

A lot of times, I end up with extra fabric at the end of a project.  Often, I use this scrap fabric as lining for other projects.  I love using scrap fabric this way because it means that my dresses and tops are lined with really pretty quality fabric that I didn't have to buy specifically for them. Even though no one sees the lining, it is a special touch that makes a garment seem just a little more special.  I am working on a dress right now that has a full lining made out of pretty scrap fabric that I had saved from high school.  More on that in a future post.  :) 

Other times however, there is enough scrap fabric left over to make a whole new project, and luckily I have two examples of that for you right now lucky reader!  

In August, I reviewed a pattern from Chic & Simple Sewing: by Christine Haynes HERE.  I really liked how the shirt turned out, and saw a lot of potential to use this pattern again.  And wallah!  Here is my second baby doll top out of the awesome comic book print:
Front view

Back view.  I used a hook and eye closure.  

I used a snap clasp for this one, and some left over pink cotton for the lining.  This top would be great as a pregnancy top, but seeing as how I'm not pregnant, it looks a heck of a lot better belted!

Secondly, we have this little baby doll nightgown that I made completely out of scraps.  I love how it turned out and plan on using this idea to get rid of small scraps again many times!  This would also be a lovely project to make as a gift since the sizing doesn't have to be as exact as a lot of other patterns.  I really love how all of these mismatched pieces came together in such a lovely way.  

Side view

Back view

Even the bias tape was just a scrap piece!  :)
I wasn't terribly impressed with this book when I first got it because of some issues I took with the limited sizing, and because I felt that the sewing directions were not super clear for a beginner.  Now that I am not such a novice however, I am excited to try to make several projects from this book.  Although they are very simple designs, I love how quickly the projects can be completed  and how little hassle they are to make (no zippers or buttons in sight!).

I can't wait to finish up my next project and post it, but that one is going to take a bit longer unfortunately (boo!), but hopefully it will be worth it (yay!).

Have a beautiful day!

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