Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wild Peony Top

I finished my newest Peony, this time paring it with a full free flowing short skirt.  Yay!  I blogged about this dress as I was making it here.  While I was making this dress, I envisioned wearing it with leggings for the winter since it is pretty short.  I also decided to make the skirt uneven at the bottom for a little added personality.  

I loved how it turned out!  It is such a cool fun piece, and I made it!!!  I really can’t wait to show this top off and wear it out.  I experimented a lot with the details of this dress, and I really feel that the risks panned out and really added to the over all look of this crazy little dress.  
I have such a love affair with this pattern.  To me, it is such a perfect canvas to try new things, like using a free flowing skirt, short or long sleeves, details and different fabrics to make such different pieces you would never know they all shared elements of the same pattern.  If you can only buy one pattern, I must recommend the Peony.  The possibilities really are endless. 

Dress front

Dress back

Pink exposed zipper; red and blue thread

Small detail down the front-also used this bias tape on the sleeves 

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