Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Chantilly Mock Up

This is a great example of why I always have so many unfinished projects!  I am currently working on a slightly altered Chantilly that so far, looks like this (I drafted the modified neck piece on my own!  :) ):

Eventually, this dress will be lined, and have a free flowing skirt.  BUT, I pined up a piece of the future dress skirt to my dress form and it instantly gave me a dozen new ideas!  Wouldn't this dress be lovely with a fitted skirt or a short fitted skirt with a ruffle maybe?  What about adding puffed sleeves for a vintage 1940's look??? 

Project scribbles for future dresses
So many ideas and so little time and money to create them all!  Someday, I would love to learn how to draft my own patterns from scratch, but for now, altering existing patterns and mixing and matching patterns to create new looks is pretty dang fun. 

As it is, I can't wait until this collection of parts is an actual dress.  The Chantilly is by far the most detailed pattern that I own, but it is also a very rewarding one to complete.  I'll keep you posted on my progress! 

Meanwhile, I have several other dresses in the works that I can't wait to get back to! Sigh.  I don't even have time to enjoy my newly created dresses most of the time because I am already excited about the next one in the works.  Silly lady.  Oh well, I guess that that means that the passion to keep going and progressing is there at least! 

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