Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Growing Out the Pixie: November, December, January

For the next year, I will post at least once a month to showcase how my pixie cut is growing out.  This may be more fun for me than for anyone else, but for anyone interested in how long it takes to grow out your hair from a really short cut (something I have searched the internet for time and again) this may be helpful.  So here we go!

First, here is of the last photos of me as a blonde in October.  Keep in mind that this was from a day at the beach so my hair didn't always look this dry, but still you can see why it needed to go.  It was basically as fragile as bird feathers at this point, but being blonde sure was a fun ride!

***Side note on growing out your own hair: The growth that I have in the above photo is what had grown out from another pixie cut about five months before.  This is a good reference for me to remember how fast my hair grows with regular trims.  When growing out a pixie, you will need to trim the back of your hair regularly to keep from developing a (shiver) mullet haircut.  You might also want to liven up the rest of the cut by cutting a few random chunks throughout so that you don't end up with a bowl cut.  Just leave the front alone as much as possible because that is the first place that length is really important in a good looking growing out haircut.    

In November, I made the cut and color.  Getting back to dark hair was a process, but not nearly as painful as I imagined.  I also had to go really short to cut off the most damaged part of my hair.  My bangs had to be cut really too short, but it couldn't be helped.  All in all, not a bad haircut for me to have done myself.  :)

Here I am in December.  my hair was starting to grow out, but still in a nice way.

And here we have January.  As in, yesterday.

So there you have it- basically two months of growth.  The next few months will be the most awkward (trust me, I have been here before) as my hair transitions from a pixie to a short bob.  There is a lot of opportunity for things to get very vey bad by February.  Like I look like a Campbell's Soup baby bad. I guess we shall see what the hair Gods have in store. 

P.S.- In case you don't want to wait a year to see how a pixie cut may grow out (and get some good pointers on how to keep it from becoming the dreaded mullet) check out Maybe Matilda's Blog post here:
Maybe Matilda

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