Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Anthropology Christmas Eve

Happy New Year!  I just wanted to do a quick outfit post to show off my new Anthropologie dress that I wore on Christmas Eve (and New Years Eve too, but I didn't get any photos).  These photos were really rushed because we were totally in the way standing in the doorway of Galisteo Bistro in Santa Fe (so yummy- I totally recommend it!) and we had to take these fast, so I look a little goofy.  Oh well!  It was a really fun night.  :)  
The dress is from anthropology, and so are the shoes.  These shoes are the fashion love of my life.  The sweater I have had for years and it is from American Eagle.  It has rabbit fur in it, so it is so so soft.  The headband is from Forever 21, and the tights are Target.  I love sweater tights!!! 

Having some coffee with desert, totally content.  :)

Also, my sister in law was kind enough to pose for a picture in a dress I just made for her.  It came out really great, if I do say so myself!  It is even more impressive if you know that she lives in NY and I made the dress without getting to try it on her.  I was so lucky I got the fit right!
After this, we all changed into big warm jackets, hats and gloves and put on sturdy shoes and walked around Santa Fe.  I'm so sad the Holidays are over, but so looking forward to a great 2013!  

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