Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lily Love

Here it is!  My first Lily!  It is my third intermediate pattern and I think my best.  I confess that I thought that it looked like it would be a cinch to make.  Actually, I found it to be quite difficult, and I kept having to put it down for a day or two to re-group.  My sewing philosophy is that this is not my job, so when I am not having fun, I simply put down the project that is causing me trouble and pick up something else for a bit until I am ready to tackle the problem project again.  It helps to keep this hobby fun and keeps me from making mistakes when I am getting frustrated.

When all is said and done, I'm so glad I stuck with this dress because it came out beautifully!  I added a little flower detail to the front, and matched the zipper color to it. The pockets are lined with the same green fabric that I used for my first Parfait pattern.  It turned out great, right?  This is how I wore it last night to my friends housewarming party.

 Back view.   

I also wanted to show off these great vintage shoes that I got for five bucks!  I have a lot of luck with vintage shoes because my feet are very narrow and a lot of vintage shoes were too narrow for the modern foot.  I also have pretty large feet, and I don't know why but I seem to find a lot of vintage shoes in my size, or even larger!  They fit great and were also very comfy!

 And here is the coat I wore- a Christmas present from my loving husband.  From Anthropologie. I love it so so much!  

Lastly, I wanted to highlight my new lipstick, also from Anthropologie.  It is Albeit lipstick in Vermilion and it comes in a pretty vintage looking gold tube.  It is a nice reddish orange color that strikes me as looking very vintage.  I am a little overly excited about it right now.  As a side note: the little black mark on my face is a flaw in my husbands camera.  We call it "the little shrimp" that shows up in the majority of his photos.  Wha-wha! The little drop earnings were a gift from my parents when I visited them in Alaska a few years ago.  They are jade.  :)

Pocket detail:

Waist detail:

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