Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rose Colored Pants

Part of the reason that I wanted to learn how to sew was so that I could mend and alter things I already have.  So far, I have mended a few things for other people, but I haven't really challenged myself to alter anything in a big way...until today.

I really wish I had taken a before photo of these pants, but alas, I did not.  They were a hand me down from my friend Jenn who had bought them because of the color (a very light antique rose) only to find that they were too big.  They were actually at least two sizes too big for me too, but I just wore them baggy.  Sadly, they got even baggier as I wore them throughout the day, and ended up not getting worn very often.  So, today I decided to try to alter them to fit, and to my surprise, it actually worked!  Look how well they fit now!  Like a glove.  :)

Coat,:Anthropologie.  Sweater: The Loft.  Shirt: Urban Outfitters.  Undershirt:  Target.  Pants:  Hand me down!  

Butt shot!  But seriously, they fit great now and you can tell even better from the back.  :)
I have a few other pairs of pants that fit in the hips but could use a little tailoring in the legs. I am still a little wary about cutting into nice clothes, but they don't do anyone any good sitting in a drawer because they don't fit right.  

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