Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Tale of Two Dresses: Brocade Edition

I got this beautiful brocade fabric while I was in NY, and I knew it was destined for greatness.  The color is just to die for, not to mention the fact that brocade is just the dreamiest fabric in the world to begin with. 
first , I ended up making this dress for me:
Dress front
Close up of front of dress
Isn’t it fabulous?  I actually made this dress quite a while ago, but brocade is not a summer friendly fabric (too hot-it doesn't breath!), so it has been sadly waiting in my closet for Fall to return.  I made it out of a mismatch of basic patterns, and created my own sleeve.  I also created my own interfacing, and finished it with bias tape since I wanted to make this dress unlined.  I really love how it came out and I can’t wait to wear it! 
 Secondly, I made this dress for my sis.  It is a very basic fitted dress, and it fits her like a dream!  I lined this dress since it was so skin tight.  I used a very light weight sea foam colored material for the lining. 
Front of dress
Back of dress
Close up of back detail
These dresses are a lovely example of how simple tweaks can really alter a dress completely.  While my dress is fun and cute, my sister's is a bit more glamorous and classy.  I really love how much of an art sewing can be and how much of yourself you can put into it. 
And now for my dilemma.  I have so many ideas right now, I can’t stick to just one project and instead keep starting and stopping!  I have a whole new Fall wardrobe created in my head, and I haven’t even gotten to wear my newest summer creations yet, or posted photos of all of my new dresses here!  It is a problem.  Not to mention all of my projects for my Etsy site!  I am also toying with the idea of making some ready to wear dresses to add to my site along with my custom skirts.  So much sewing so little time!  Sewing really has become a major passion (some might say addiction) in my life.  I am going to try to force myself this weekend to do some organizing and some prioritizing so that I can get my head around how to accomplish everything I want to accomplish sewing wise this year.  Those who know me know that organizing and prioritizing aren't two of my favorite words, but practicing self-discipline is good for you I have been told. 

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