Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Hair: Growing out the pixie month Seven

A little late posting this, as June is now over (can you believe it???) but here is my seven month update on growing out my pixie haircut.  Shesh, time is going by too fast.  On the plus side, my hair is finally just a little past where it was eight months ago before I cut my last pixie haircut ever (I mean it this time!) to get rid of all of the blond bleach.  By late this month, I will be able to do small pigtails, and by August, I think I will be able to do a dinky little pony tail.  Whoo hoo! 

Here I am in early June:

And me in mid June:

And most recently, in late June at my favorite local bakery:
 To be honest, I think my hair looks pretty nice at this length, but I miss the ease of my cropped hair a bit.  Sadly, in order to not look like a horrible slob, blow drying after washing has become a necessity that I feel quite bitter about.  With very short hair, you just have to shower, run some product through your hair and go, and you look totally styled.  If I wanted to get really crazy, I would just slap on a headband. Pixie cuts look chic without even trying.

BUT, the good thing is that I can now go a day between washes, and although it doesn't always look great, it looks better than wash and go hair at this point.  When your hair is supper short, you have to wash it every day because it looks absolutely crazy when you wake up.  So, I lost a the battle of the blow dryer, but won the battle of being able to leave the house with dirty hair.  Yes, my life is one endless journey to figure out how to be as lazy as possible with my maintenance.  Seriously, I should re-name this blog “Adventures in Laziness”.  Don’t steal that, I’m pretty sure there is a book deal somewhere in there for me.  I am still holding out hope that when my hair is past my shoulders I will be able to wash it, put it up in chopsticks and go, or leave the house with a ponytail if my hair is greasy.  Yes, someday I may be able to be even lazier than I am now, and that thought makes me so, so happy. 

But wait!  A new revolution in hair care laziness has come, and it is glorious.  Today I tried using baby powder as dry shampoo for the first time with great results.  My hair actually looks and smells clean!  Hahaha world!  I tricked you again!  In case you want to learn from the Yoda of laziness (that’s me!), here is how you do it:  sprinkle baby powder as close to the roots of your hair as possible.  Leave it on while you bathe (bathing is the easiest way to keep your hair from getting wet, but I’m sure you could also use a shower cap if you are a bath hater), and then brush it all out when you get out.  I used A LOT of powder, which was too much, but did show me what I would look like with white hair (rocked it!).  Even though I looked like an olden timesy judge when I was done powdering, it still all brushed out, it just took a while.  Today, my hair looks pretty darn fresh, and not at all greasy which is a win.  I finally beat the system.  Whahahah!  I recommend this cheap and easy method of laziness whole heartedly.  :)

And lastly, here is one of the last shots of my blonde hair before it started to feel like rubber bird feathers and I had to hack it off.  Sometimes I still miss the blonde, but it was a totally one-time thing, and I won't be going there again.  I'm still glad I did it once though!  :)

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