Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My newest dress- my own design!

 Please forgive these photos- glamour shots they are not.  My Crohns has been acting up lately, so I have been spending a lot of days at home with nothing to do but rest and sew.  Sunday was one such day, where I did not shower or leave the house.  Depressing, unless you realize that I spent most of that day watching Project Runway and making this amazing dress.  Win! So, un-showered and sick as I was, I still made my husband take these photos of me to show off this awesome dress and decided to share them with you in case I never end up taking better ones. 

This is the same cotton fabric that I used for my Etsy skirt.  I love this fabric so much I can hardly stand it.  I added chiffon flowers and a bright green zipper down the back.  It is intentionally unlined so that it will be a little lighter and breezier for summer.  I decided that since this dress is totally my own design, it is the first part of my “Summer Collection”!  Yes, I have been watching too much project runway, but pretending that I have my own Collection is fun times.  I also have a full Fall Collection planned.  Watch out!  Too much awesomeness to be contained. 

This dress has been living in my imagination for some time, and it came out perfectly as imagined.  I used nothing but a basic sloper pattern to make this.   Slopers are the basis for most patterns and clothes.  They are very basic pattern pieces that designers and pattern makers use as a base for their designs, to help them get the sizing right.   I bought a set of slopers so that I could continue to work on my own designs for myself, as well as possible designs for Etsy. 

I have a few more designs in the works that I am really excited about.  I can’t wait to show my whole collection here!  I wish I could make more hours in the day, because I will never be able to make everything I want to make, and the list only gets longer, not shorter! 

So, I was wondering something.  I bought slopers into the plus sizes so I could possibly make dresses like this one for my Etsy site for plus sized ladies. Plus sized friends (I really wish there was a better term to use!  Is there?), would you be interested in fitted dresses like this one?  Why or why not?  Any fit issues I should be aware of?  Your help would be greatly appreciated!     

Stay tuned for the rest of my Summer Collection coming soon!  I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!!!


  1. Hi, I'm a plus size friend who would love this dress. My fit concerns would be too-tight sleeves and the bust to waist ratio-but that's always a concern for me. I think this would look great on an hourglass plus size, or a pear shape. Probably not the best for someone looking to minimize shoulders...

    1. Thank you so much for your comments! I agree that this would be a great plus sized dress. I really appreciate your help to get it right!