Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rompers and crop tops: Oh my!

FACT: Skinny girls look awesome in rompers.  Especially if they have skinny legs and small boobs. 
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

FACT #2: I want to wear a romper.  I do not have skinny legs or small boobs, yet I hold out hope.  In my mind, a romper offers ease mixed with luxury, and therefore is the perfect statement piece for summer.  Also, in my ever present quest to be as lazy as possible while still looking awesome, the idea of a pants/top combo seems ideal.  Granted, I have never yet found one that was flattering at all for me, and here is my theory as to why (beyond the legs and boobs thing).  They are all made way too short for the curvy to comfortably wear!!!  So many ropers are made with such short shorts that they just don’t work on my body type or for my comfort level with shorts (just above 0.5).  Also, big booties fill out shorts differently than small ones, and rompers tend to ride.  No one looks glamorous while picking a wedgie or having half of their butt exposed, no matter what size they are.  
Thankfully, just this year I discovered the joy of wearing leggings under shorts, which I think will allow me some freedom in the romper arena.  Secondly, I realized that there are a few rompers out there that are long, so that gives me some hope as well.  In the interest of science (also know as my own stubborn and conceited belief that I can rock any style I want to thank you very much) I have purchased these two rompers from Modcloth as an experiment.  I will report my findings back to you on this blog as soon as the items come in.

Exhibit A:  

Exhibit B:
The image would not let me grab it, but here is the link, and it looks just like this:
Also, here is further proof that some curvy girls out there have found ways to rock the romper, which means (again, in theory) that I should be able to do it also.  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion! 
And look what I just found!  Lena Durham rocking a very similar romper to the one I just bought!  Yes, she has made some questionable romper choices in the past (too short I tell you!) this looks stunning.  Hurray! 
In other news…I also want to wear a crop top.  I know. Ewww.  But really, I have a good (read: self-indulgent) reason for it!  I want to be able to show off my high rise pants.  Which brings us to…
FACT #3: Even skinny girls don’t look great in crop tops when they sit down.  Just think about it.  It is the tummy equivalent of sitting down in shorts and watching your thighs spread, except this time all of your fat or skin gets pushed upward creating a little roll just above your pant line.  Sexy, right?  Wrong.  Oh so wrong.  However, crop tops are back with a vengeance this summer, and I am having crop top envy.  Not because I really really want to have my tummy roll on display (surprisingly), but because I want my pants on display.  I’ve been loving high waist pants for some time now, but the effect is sometimes not seen because you have to either tuck your shirt in and ruin the line of the pants, or cover up the top of the pants, rendering the high rise pointless. 
Suddenly, an idea struck.  Crop tops are the answer!  However, a slim crop top with a slim pant is not for me.  My formula: wide crop top with high rise pants= amazing, even (or should I say especially?) on curvy little me.  Of course, this is only a theory and might actually be horrible.  Only time will tell when I have time to make this look and try it out. 

I also like the idea of these slim crop tops with full skirts.  It's all about playing with proportions:

But I still have none of these things yet.  So, in the meantime, I can only dream of rocking my adult onesies and too short shirts with mom jeans with hungry anticipation of fatuousness.  Aww fashion.  One day you are in, and the next day you look like a crazy lady-baby out for a stroll. 


  1. I want a plus size romper that doesn't make me look like a blob...

    1. I know, right? This trend is so cute, but so hard to get right. I have seen some cute plus sized rompers though!