Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Every Day is a Party Dress

I really like this dress that I made last Fall, but I was sewing so often back then that I only got one day's wear out of it, and then it just hung in my closet ever since.  So, I decided to give it a second try last week, and I remembered how cute it is.  It was almost as fun as finishing a brand new dress!

The bodice of this dress is just a simple princess cut pattern from The Party Dress Book, but the rest was my own design.  This dress cost almost nothing to make since the striped skirt and tie were made out of vintage fabric I have been holding onto since high school.  I can either just let the sash hang like a tie (as pictured) or I can wear it in a great big bow.  The dress is also reversible.  The other side is just plain greenish yellow, and the skirt is a little less full. I have never worn it on that side, but if I ever do I will just take off the tie and wear it as a strapless dress (with a tank under it again of course since I hate wearing strapless bras).

I'm so glad I gave this dress another try, because I really didn't realize how much I liked it.  Some clothes just don't look as special on a hanger as they do when you are actually wearing them.  That is why it is a good idea to play dress-up in your own closet once in a while, especially if you are getting bored of your old standbys.  Shop your own closet!  :)

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