Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Dress for all Occasions

It has taken me a while to post these pictures, but I am excited to finally be showing off this simple yellow summer dress.  Summer is my favorite season because I love outdoor activities (especially swimming!) but fall is really my season for fashion.  It would seem like a girl who loved dresses as much as I do would love dressing for warm weather, but most of the dresses I like are pretty warm, and look super great with cardigans and leggings.  Not to mention scarves, boots and wool or felt hats; all of which scream fall!

Every summer, I find myself struggling to figure out how to blend light dresses with office appropriate wear, because lets face it, in the summer the less clothes the better, and that is just not okay for most office jobs (certainly not mine!). So, this summer, I decided to make myself some office appropriate summer dresses that would be cute enough and light enough for outdoor fun without sacrificing style.  

The result was my “Flower Collection”, which ended up being a set of three cotton dresses of my own (very simple) design.  Each of the dresses in this collection are unlined, making them cooler on hot summer days.  It also made them incredibly easy to sew!   I am also excited that I finally learned how to do a full-bust adjustment for myself.  No more squished boobs!

The first of the three  dresses, I showed you here.  It is made of a dark purple cotton covered in a bright flower print, as well as a collar made out of chiffon flowers.  A bright green zipper runs down the back. 

The second dress in this collection is a very basic yellow dress with a large blue flower print.  This time, I used a hidden side zipper.  The simplicity of this dress makes it incredibly versatile and allows my accessories to make a statement without overloading the look.  I wore this yellow dress one lovely July day, first to the zoo, and then later to a dinner theater show, and it was completely perfect for both events!  

For my zoo outfit, I let my hair air dry, then I added this cute straw hat I got from Urban Outfitters some time ago. I put on some comfy flats so I would be able to walk longer, and I was ready to go.  It felt like a perfect zoo dress!  The little flower at the neck of the dress is actually a hair clip from forever 21.  Sometimes I stick cute hair accessories somewhere on my outfit in case I need to get the hair out of my face at some point during the day.  

Later, I fancied the dress up with simple heals bright lipstick and straitened hair.  Suddenly, it became the perfect fancy lady dress! 

I am very happy with these three dresses, especially the third, which I will show you soon.  All of them were simple to make, and just perfect for summer. Maybe next year, summer won’t be such a question mark for me with these dresses in my wardrobe!  

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