Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Red Date Dress

Today, I have a simple outfit post for you. This is what I wore on July 24th for my three year wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband Jeremy. We had to work during the day, but after work we went swimming at a local pool, and then went out to dinner. It was perfect.

I wore a Modcloth dress that I got last year. It came with the seams of the sleeves on the wrong side, but since it was a final sale, and since I liked it so much otherwise, I sewed bias tape over the seams to cover them, and it turned out great! I love the fit of this dress, as well as the color, and I felt so happy and pretty wearing it on my anniversary. I am posed by my husband’s other love, his car. Yes, it was the hubbies’ idea to include the car in the photos, but I think they ended up pretty cute, so it’s okay. :)

I’ll try not to get too mushy, but my husband is truly the most wonderful man on the planet. He is so smart, funny, kind, and also such a hard worker. He is the kind of husband who always thinks of me first, takes great care of me, and is really playful and just a joy to have in my life.  Even when we are just getting groceries, we have so much fun together.  

Bag, sample sale in Portland.  Gold shoes, Modcloth.  Dress, Modcloth.  

Out to dinner.  

Handsome husband.  
My hair is already so much longer than it was in these photos!  I'll be posting my last "Growing out the Pixie" post tonight. I'm so sick of growing my hair out, but at least now there are some things I can do with it besides throw on a headband.  Not that a headband isn't still my go-to style, but just saying.  ;)

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