Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Month 9: The pixie is all grown out!

Well, no more pixie cut!  My hair hasn't really been a pixie for a while now, but I am realizing that it has actually graduated to the next stage in hair evolution- It’s a bob!
I love bobbed hair because it is still relatively easy to manage, it reminds me of the 1920’s, and I can actually style it!  Right now, I am able to curl it, straiten it, use barrettes, and I can even do a mini ponytail or pigtails. My plan is still to grow my hair out really long, but I am having fun along the way, especially now that some of the more awkward hair stages are out of the way.

I don’t really miss my super short hair, and that is very surprising because I keep seeing awesome cropped do’s popping up in every magazine I pick up.  Usually that would put me right over the edge and I would have to cut mine.  This time, I am not getting the itch to cut it all off at all, which is good because I really want to stick to my goal. 

Even my bangs are practically grown out, or at least, they are easy enough to get out of my face.  I am really happy with the progress my hair is making.  

So there you have it!  It took me nine months to grow my very short pixie haircut into a fairly long bob.  I don't regret growing it out one bit, nor do I regret spending most of the last six years with short hair.  I'm ready to have my hair long, but if you are thinking of making the cut, just do it!  It may take a long time to grow out, but hair will always grow back, and making a big hair change can be really liberating and refreshing.  Who knows.  You might love it as much as I did!  :) 
Me today!  


  1. I have been struggling with the question do I cut my hair for sometime. Tues I literally almost called up my hairstylist and asked for an appointment! I need to let go and just go for it I know I will love it, it is definitely hard though. I love this length! Its so cute and feminine and flirty! I keep thinking I'm young so I need to have long hair and when I get older I can have short hair. I just need to live life and stop trying to play by the "rules"

    Also I love your blog, I read every post, they are inspiring and awesome! You have a talent for this for sure. Keep doing it!

  2. I will enjoy seeing you growing long hair!