Thursday, August 29, 2013

No Thanks Miley-one more rant to add to the pile

Okay people, Robin Thicke’s rape promoting lyrics, video, and actions are disgusting.  If you don’t agree or you don’t care, then I can’t understand you and this post will mean nothing to you anyway.  I have no time or energy to devote to how bad his song or video is. It's hard for me to imagine why anyone would have to.

Please accept that he, and it, are terrible and bad and ear poison and should be avoided at all costs. 

Now that that is out of the way, many are asking, “why the Miley hate? Isn't she just being Miley?  Isn’t she just doing what all pop stars do and showing that she is a grownup who can do what she wants?  Isn’t she just showing that she is a sexual being, and isn’t it anti-feminist to deny her that opportunity?”

Here is the thing folks.  Personally, I am much more offended by her drug promoting lyrics than her unsettling tongue and dance moves.  But since that conversation isn’t even being started, then I have to say, Miley honey, just no more of this.  Please.  By all means, have (safe) sex with whoever you want.  Have sex with as many (consenting) people as you want, in any way that you want, as often as you want.  But don’t let being a sexual object define you.  Wearing almost nothing and simulating sex on stage isn’t the only way to show that you are a grownup, and it just isn’t responsible. 

We all know it’s not all Miley’s fault.  The media vomit that our kids are subjected to is coming at them from every direction.  Every day, boys are getting the message that women are not real people, they are objects to possess and throw away, and if they want more or expect more than they are crazy and clingy. Young girls today are getting the message born into their brains that the only way to get attention or really even be a worthwhile human being, is to be cute or sexy, and if they can do that, they needn't try to be anything else.  Their role models aren't scientists or Dr’s, they are pop stars, and so pop stars need to understand that they have a responsibility to do better for their audience. 

And none of this BS saying that “Miley didn't ask to be a role model.”  Actually, that’s because no one asks to be a role model.  Duh.  There is no sign up sheet people.  You just become a role model to every child you come in contact with because children are watching us to learning how to become adults every minute of every day.  I’m a role model without asking to be one, you are a role model without asking to be one, and Miley is a role model without asking to be one, and her reach goes a lot farther than most.  Your actions and choices matter.  They just do.  Accept it and live a good life according to whatever rules you believe in, but don’t try to pretend your actions don’t matter just because you didn't enter your name into an imaginary database of role models. 

So there you go.  It should go without saying, but please don’t listen to songs like “Blurred lines” and for gosh sakes, don’t let your kids listen to them.  They aren't harmless fun, they are setting a standard for how women are to be viewed and treated.  Furthermore, watching Miley Cyrus try so, so hard to prove that she is a sexual person (and therefore worthwhile and relevant) should make you sad and grossed out, not outraged.  Your sexuality is yours to use how you see fit.  Go ahead, have lots of sex and be free.  Sex is wonderful fun and also a very lovely stress reducer.  But maybe read a book once in a while too, or go on a hike, or if you have the kind of influence Miley does, educate yourself about the world so you can write a song about something that actually matters, not just random drug use and partying in the USA.   

Lastly, remember that we don’t have to like what any celebrity is putting out, just because they are famous.  It is Miley’s actual job is to be an entertainer and if people aren't entertained or don’t like her message, they don’t have to keep promoting her.  You aren't being mean just to decide that you have had enough of this kind of “entertainment”, not just in VMA meltdown form, but really in all of the media you choose to consume.  If you don’t like your Dr, you drop her.  If you don’t like your plummer, you find a new plummer.  It isn't mean, it’s just expecting the best and not accepting sub-par (at best) service.  Furthermore, if you want better role models, demand them.  Demand better from your entertainment industry or keep accepting this garbage without worrying about the consequences.  Just don’t be surprised when the world keeps getting a little dumber, a little less kind towards women, and generally just a little bit worse all of the time.  When the world finally goes into full moron mode and us girls go back to the days when we weren't allowed to have our own bank accounts you will know who to blame, and it won’t be Miley.


  1. A tad opinionated. A few grammatical/structural errors. Not the point obviously.

    Overall a good point to make, in a rather tasteful manner. Definitely surpasses some rather disturbing posts that I've seen either in outrage towards her recent action or in response to those against her recent actions. I do fear for the hateful posts you may get because of this, depending on the popularity of your blog, quite frankly I assume you don't care based on your statement earlier in this post.

    I suppose what I am trying to say is, well done. Got the point across without much fluff.
    I'll see it fit to mention this to supporters of the same opinion if any come by my path. Simply because similar people sharing similar ideas will create a network, and networking of people can change things if enough numbers are pulled together.

    1. Hi Silent Shadow! I write this blog rather quickly without much editing, so I do end up with some unfortunate mistakes in my posts. I'll try to go back through this one some time today and fix the most blaring ones.

      I was also pretty shocked and disgusted by some of the comments about that award show, but people always feel safe to be their worst selves on line. I also appreciate your concern about hateful comments on my blog, but it is really not popular at all, so you needn't be too concerned. I saw that you have a blog of your own, so I'm going to go check it out. Thanks for your comments!