Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Bike Laurel

The Laurel pattern has been Colette's most popular pattern to date, and it is easy to see why!  This is the easiest, most versatile pattern I have ever used.  I'm sure there are many similar patterns out there, but after finding the Laurel, I will never need to buy another shift pattern again.

I made my first Laurel back in May for my NY trip.  You can see that gold brocade number here.  This time, I went for a cute novelty print (bikes!) cotton version with slightly longer sleeves.  I also adjusted the pattern so that I could make it zipper free for ease and comfort.  I'm in love!

I wore it with GAP leggings, a waist cinching belt that my friend Jenn gave me last year, and my Born platform sandals.  I felt really cute and comfortable in this dress, and plan on making many more cotton versions.  I also plan on playing with different types of fabric using the Laurel since this pattern looks completely different based on the fabric you choose, and it only takes about three hours (or less!) to whip one of these babies up.  I never thought a shift would work on a curvy body type, but I am so glad to have been proven wrong!  Of course, the belt helps.

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