Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tiffani Cornish- This post is for you!

After my last hair post, I got this response from fellow Albuquerque blogger Tiffani Cornish who writes Lovelymuggle:

I have been struggling with the question do I cut my hair for some time. Tues I literally almost called up my hairstylist and asked for an appointment! I need to let go and just go for it I know I will love it, it is definitely hard though. I love this length! Its so cute and feminine and flirty! I keep thinking I'm young so I need to have long hair and when I get older I can have short hair. I just need to live life and stop trying to play by the "rules".

Also I love your blog, I read every post, they are inspiring and awesome! You have a talent for this for sure. Keep doing it!”

First of all, thank you Tiffani for reading my blog, and for commenting.   Your compliments made my day!  I really appreciate every single person who reads this blog, and it makes me so happy to hear from you! 

Secondly, I totally hear you, cutting your hair is a major, major step!  I get nervous when people who have always had long hair think about cutting their hair short because if you end up not liking it, it can be really devastating.  Here are some things to consider before making the chop.

1)      If you are the type of person who needs a lot of outside approval, don’t cut your hair short. Some people just don’t like short hair, and some people just won’t understand why you would do such a thing, and they will feel perfectly comfortable telling you as much.  You will stand out, and you will shock people.  For me, this isn’t a problem because I am pretty confident and I don’t really ask for a lot of feedback when I decide to make a big hair or fashion change.  Just remember that if you feel awesome and rock it, you will look awesome.  The people who make the biggest impacts fashion wise are always a little controversial, and believe me, they never need permission to make a change or try something unexpected. 

2)      Look for inspiration from people with your hair type/ face shape.  No matter how much you like how a model looks with a haircut, if her hair is totally different than yours, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into! 

3)      Bring magazine clippings of hair you like to your appointment.  Don’t try to make the hair dresser guess what you are trying to describe, and DON”T let them dictate what you should do.  Be realistic about your hair, but also, be true to your own vision of what you want, and don’t let others talk you into something that just isn’t you. 

4)      Be prepared to play with new fashions and new makeup.  A major haircut is the best makeover possible!  Get ready for a whole new world of options to be open to you. 

5)      With short hair, there is nowhere to hide.  Without long hair to hide behind, your face and your clothes are center stage, so if you have the confidence to pull it off, get ready to stand out in a way that you never have before. 

6)      Learn what products you need and you are set!  Some people think that short hair is harder to style, but I have found that this is not the case at all once you figure out your routine.  For me, when I had my pixie that meant washing it every day (if your hair is very short, you will wake up with crazy hair that has to be washed to be tamed), and then I would add texturizer and a headband, and I was ready to go.  The shorter it was, the easier it was for me to look perfectly put together in no time flat. Now with my bobbed hair, I don't have to wash it as often, and when I do, I let it air dry at night (before I go to bed, not while I sleep) and then use a straightener to mess it up or to tame it in the morning.  I usually just go with whatever my hair seems to be doing most naturally.  If I have to wash and go in the morning, I can put my hair in pigtails while it is still wet.  Walla!  Instant hair style!

7)      If you are making a major cut, think about donating your hair to one of the many charities that help provide free hair pieces for people with alopecia, cancer, or have lost their hair for some other reason.  Then, even if you don’t love your new do, you can feel good about your choice and know that your hair is going to help someone else.

8)      When you are used to long hair and cut it short, you can feel a little stuck when it comes to changing up your look.  Trust me, short hair is just as versatile as long, you just need to learn some new tricks as your old go-to's will be hard or impossible to achieve.  Headbands and barrettes will be your new best friends.  They stand out and make a bigger statement than they ever have for you before.  I have a huge collection of headbands.  They are a wardrobe staple for me!  Also, if your hair is past your chin, funky little messy pigtails now look cute and cool, not little-girlish as they would if your hair was long.  Curl it, straiten it, and play!  Don't worry if it isn't a look you have seen before.  YOU can be the trendsetter.  
9)      When choosing your cut, don’t go for a “safer” choice.  Just get the haircut you really want, not a longer, easier to grow out version.  No fear!  If you don’t really go for it, you won’t ever know if it worked or not.  Just do it and have fun!

It is no secret that I love, love, love short hair. I'm really excited by the length my hair is now (actually, this is super long to me, but I recognize the rest of the world still thinks a bob is short) and I am having so much fun playing with retro curls and funky little head scarves.  I’m not sure how short you are thinking of going, but I could totally see you rocking a longish bob (hint: bobbed hair looks amazing when you let it go a bit curly and crazy!). 

 The majority of women you will meet are afraid to try short hair even if they like it, but I suspect that you know you are gorgeous enough to pull it off.  Never be afraid to go against “the rules” and stand out.  Your looks are the least important thing about you.  Why not have fun with them? If you end up getting the chop, let me know if you want to be a guest blogger for a day.  I’d love to share your thoughts about your experience, as well as some photos!

Just for fun, here are a few hair options I thought you might like, and that I thought would work with your hair.  Cute, right?  :)  I love all of them!


  1. I cut my hair to 1 inch long a few years ago (I'm very lucky and my hair grows really fast) but after I did it, I got a part-time job purely based on my short haircut. I didn't love it, but enough other people did that I never felt bad about it.

    1. Wow, that must have been really shocking! Every girl needs to get a really short hair cut at least once in their lives! :) I bet you were adorable.