Friday, January 31, 2014

I like myself the way I am.

I am happy inside my own skin. I am happy with my choices, and the life I am creating. I am smart and beautiful and good. I don't have to be the best to know that I am not the worst. Self-acceptance is no longer something I strive towards; it is ingrained in the fibers of my being. This does not mean I don’t value growth and strive to learn more, do more and be more. It simply means that my perceived shortcomings do not slow me down and stop me in my tracks. The old broken record telling me I am not good enough no longer plays in the background of my life. I do want to try to be kinder, more productive, less self-indulgent. I do want to get better at sewing, read more, learn French. Stagnation can only lead to boredom and depression. Growth is life. BUT, I am not broken. I am not weak. I am not ugly or worthless or a bad person because I’m not everything for everyone. I am a wonderful, messy, work in progress- just as I am supposed to be. Imperfection is the natural human state. I like myself the way I am. Perfectly imperfect. Perfectly at peace.

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