Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stylin' Sister

This is my pretty little sister Rachel modeling a dress I made for her.  She paired it with a scarf, a Modcloth coat, flats, and thick socks over tights because baby, it was cold outside!

 She also paired it with a moss green cardigan from Gap.  Obviously, she looked adorable!  

The dress, and a beautiful NM style statement pendent...

Rachel does an amazing job layering.  Part of her design for dressing includes simple pieces that work wonderfully together.  She likes simple shapes and simple colores, but she always has one feature to her outfit that makes it special.  In this case, I think that was the neacklace.  

I used the same pattern for this cotton dress that I used back in August for this blue brocade version.  She wore the blue brocade again on Christmas Eve.  I am wearing a Modcloth dress in these photos.  

I love Rachel's sense of style.  She always dresses both cute and classy at the same time.  Her taste has been defined over time to perfectly suit her personality.  Isn't that the ultimate goal for dressing well after all?  :)

Love you sis!  Thanks for being such a beautiful model!  

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