Monday, March 18, 2013


I have a guest model for today!  My bestest Rachel Browne was in town this last weekend and we had such a wonderful time shopping, eating, watching movies and just being together. 
On Saturday, we went out for drinks with my sister Rach and Rachel Browne wore this beautiful dress.  Where did she get it you ask?  From my closet because I made it!!!! 
Actually, this was one of the first dresses I ever made.  Doesn’t it look beautiful on her?  Well, naturally I had to give it to her since she loved it so much and it looked so amazing on her.  Rachel Browne has impeccable taste in clothes so the fact that she liked this dress so much makes me extra happy.  It makes me feel so good when clothes I make go to good homes.  :)

I love this photo because you can see how much fun we were having putting on our little fashion show.  :)
The weekend is over but the memories will last forever.  I love you bestest! 

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