Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tea for Two

 I love this dress so much, I am going to split this post into two so I can post a ton of photos of it.  First, the important part.  These photos were taken at a “sister’s tea” with my sis Rachel.  Usually I dress a bit more froufrou for tea, but we both had slinky dresses that we had no idea where to wear.  So we thought, lets just go for it!  Isn’t my sis cute?  Her dress fit her so beautifully  it has a slim skirt and a lacy top lined with a brilliant orange.  She looked so lovely and classic. 

Now enough about her-look at me!!!  I already can’t wait until I get to wear  this dress again.  I have always been very against velvet, but all of a sudden I am in love with it!  I really want to find a jewel toned velvet blazer to wear with my black skinny pants.  Oh man.  I must find one, and buy it.  Now please. 
We had a great time as usual.  I can't wait for our next tea party, especially since the next one will be for my birthday!  :)

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