Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Golden Godess

Okay, now a few more of this awesome dress!  It is my new favorite.  Isn’t it lovely?  the body of the dress is made of a very soft golden velvet material that just drapes over my body rather than clinging to it.  It is also fully lined. The purple pumps were also a wonderful, velvety find, and both were from Modcloth. 

This dress got me thinking about how we can get so set in our ways with what we think flatters us that we might be missing out on some beautiful shapes, colors and textures.  Although my preference has been for dresses that are lose at the hips, I have been loving more form fitting dresses lately, especially when they are also comfortable like this find.  It is funny to think that I went through a full skirts stage, and before that I used to be such a jeans girl, and before that, I was afraid of skinnies.  Now I prefer dresses with a few skinny jeans days mixed in and I am recently getting back into boot cut jeans.  It is fun to let your style evolve and not get too set in your ways!   

What styles do you just love for your shape?  What styles do you consider off limits?  Have you made any fashion discoveries lately that surprised you? 

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