Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Long Hair Inspiration

I am very sad to say that growing my hair out does not excite me in the same way that a new haircut does.  It is the kind of triumph that creeps up on you rather than giveing you a sudden burst of happiness and newness.  Rather than the high of a new fresh haircut, one day I will just notice without much fan fair that my hair is longer.

Along the way, there shall be milestones such as when my hair is finally long enough to do pigtails, then a pony tail, then braids, but until then all I can do is hope that my hair doesn’t grow through too many awkward stages and thank god that I enjoy wearing hats when those inevitable awkward stages get to be too hideous to manage. 
I do not like growing out my hair!  This is why it hasn’t quite made it to shoulder length in the last five years. 
Also, long hairstyles as a rule don’t excite me too much despite their versatility.  I like the look of long hair and I like my hair when it is long, but there are very few long hair photos that I can look at and go, “yes please, I want that!” 
The other problem with growing my hair out is that I am so lazy.  I love my wash and go short hair because I allows me to take almost no time to get ready, and it actually looks better if I don’t try.  A headband is all the hairstyle I need to feel cute.
Picturing the time that it can take to blow dry long hair, let alone having to blow dry my hair again at all as I will freeze in the winter if I try and let it air dry, makes me unreasonably sad.  Let alone all the time it will take me to actually style it!  I will have to try to become someone who doesn’t wash their hair every day, but my hair gets greasy very fast so there really are no easy lazy girl short cuts for me with long hair. 
But it is true that I am finally bored with short hair on myself.  Six years is a long time to go without a pony tail.  I have been there and done most cute haircuts that I can even imagine wanting to try and at this point I am just repeating styles I have already done.  Boring!
Long hair does bring the promise of being able to change up my hair without taking out the clippers and that is intriguing.  Also, I have had my hair long long long many times in my life, but I haven’t had my hair long AND without bangs since I was 11.  Mind you, I’m not quite sure if this style will look 1960’s model (natural and pretty!)...
 ...or just a lady who lost her brush and doesn’t care enough to get a trim (I already don’t wear make-up often enough, so this could be far too real a possibility) until I try it. 

But I am still committed.  I must prove to myself that this can be done.  I really feel that I am done with short hair for good and that I have fully exhausted every short haircut I have ever wanted to try.  It is time to move on.  But please please please!  Someone else get a haircut soon so I can live through you!  I am so terribly, terribly bored, and I have at least another six months to go before I can really say I have accomplished anything.  Sigh. 
Me with long black hair almost 10 years ago.  I donated my hair not too long after this photo was taken, which I have done I think four times now.  As you can see, I had not yet learned how to smile for the camera. 
And one from 2006, the year I met my husband and the last time I had long hair (this time with my natural hair color and less weird bangs). 


  1. I feel like I haven't seen those pictures for so so long. I LOVE your long hair. Of course I also love the natural brown. Bpppft!

    1. Thanks friend! Hopefully I actually grow it out this time!