Monday, March 18, 2013

Pretty in Pink

This lovely pink sweater has gold thread laced through it!!!  My bestest gave it to me on her visit.  I love it!  I am also wearing black pants from Gap, and Dillard’s heals.  I really love these pants, so much so that I almost never wear them because I am “saving them”.  I’m not really one for saving clothes- I believe in wearing whatever makes you happy and not worrying if it is too fancy or too special for every day- but once in a while I do save things that I love because I am afraid of them one day wearing out.  These pants are on that list.  When you find pants that fit perfectly and are also comfy, it is hard to ever let them go!  I have had these ones for years and they still look new. 
Also, I am growing my bangs out, so today I pinned them off my face for a test run.  Right now, they are pretty long (for me) and very heavy, and it is hard to look girly and pretty with too heavy bangs. 

I am a bangs girl and feel a bit naked without them.  I always end up thinking that my face looks boring without fringe and end up cutting them, but I’m kind of digging how they look off of my face today. 
I hope that I give it the old college try this time and really grow them out.  You may be thinking that this is within my control, but I am pretty impulsive with my hair and I can’t trust myself. 

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